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The Drapery Den



For Residential and Commercial Clients

Assistance with Drapery, Cushions, Bedding and Light Upholstery

Assistance with Drapery Hardware Tracks and Deco Pole Sets


1. Send your measures and pictures or sketches for each treatment. I will provide you with advice on best placement and proportion size.

2. Give me the details [supplier, pattern] of the fabric[s] you want to use and I will advise if they are appropriate for the desired use. Will also provide other possibilities if your choice is not advisable.

3. Provide you with images of styles for #1 and #2 above.

4. Calculation of fabrics and other related items for each treatment – estimates and/or actual

5. Provide Sewing Work Orders for the seamster

6. Advise your preferences for the drapery hardware. I will provide Placement, Finished Sizes to order, Suppliers to order from, Alternatives if desired.

7. Provide Installation Work Orders

8. Provide you with instructions for On-Site Drapery Dressing for the “picture in the magazine” look

Purchase service now:

9. Consultations with Clients on Request, depending on location

10.  Project Management for large residential or commercial jobs